Blue Baby Sweet Bottles
Blue Baby Sweet Bottles

Sweet Cones & Candy Floss

Blue Baby Sweet Bottles

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Planning a baby shower?...Then make sure you include these little ones!

These bottles are just the cutest, the Mum-To-Be will absolutely love them. Shaped as a baby bottle with white plastic teat, these will look fabulous on any sweets table. 

Each one is filled with either- Mini Blue Raspberry Mini Mallows- Blue Mini Pencils- Blue Raspberry Millions.

Sweets may vary.

The bottles have a cute lace on them.

If you would like any sweet alternatives, then please let us know. 

Orders can be mixed with sweet colours and colour of bottles. 

Height of bottle is approx. 9.8cm and the Diameter is approx. 4cm.

Personalised stickers can be added to bottle.