500g Vegetarian Pick n' Mix bag

Sweet Cones & Candy Floss

500g Vegetarian Pick n' Mix bag

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Make sure you grab one of our Vegetarian friendly Pick n' Mix bags!

Nothing but clean ingredients for you to enjoy. 

Our bags contain the following sweets:- Blue bubblegum millions- Strawberry Millions- Cola Bottles- Gummy Bears- Tangy Worms (apple & lemon, strawberry & orange) - Strawberry Mallows- Vanilla Mallows- Apple & Watermelon Duals- Grapefruit peach fizzy sticks- Flying Saucers- Candy Bracelet- Tango stick- Neon Rings- Fruit Rotella- Sherbet sticks- Lollipop.

Contents may vary. 

Available in sizes 250g, 500g and 1kg bags.