Marzipan Fruit Gift Box
Marzipan Fruit Gift Box

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Marzipan Fruit Gift Box

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Back by popular demand, these delicious treats of Marzipan fruits are back in stock and is available to purchase all Year round.

24 indulgent sections of Marzipan fruits for your taste buds to enjoy.

All the fruits are made with the same almond. The fruits are:- oranges, strawberries, bananas, pears & apples.

The pear has edible caraway seeds and the oranges and apples have clove seeds.

Rolled & Handmade with perfection, this lovely gift box comes complete with a silk ribbon. If you would like any other colour ribbon, please mention at checkout.

Personalised stickers and messages can be added to your box at no extra cost. 

Contains: Nuts